Purity Perfection   100x100cm   Mixed Media


Superiority of a Race  100x70cm  mixed media


Free Tibet  60x20cm  Oil Acrylics


Ready, Steady..  40x30cm  Oil Acrylics


Disc Thrower 80x40cm  Oil Acrylics


Volume Control 100x100cm  Oil Acrylics


Volume Bass Code  100x50cm Oils Acrylics


USAir False 100x100cm Oil Acrylics


They came from the sky- Fisherman   60x100cm  Oil Acrylics


The Gradual Disappearance of 2 Viet-kids  70x50cm  Oil Acrylics


Someone Tagged my Canvas WHile I left it Outside in the Rain  40x30cm Mixed Media



Crucifiction 100x70cm Oil



Abstract Asymmetry in Red Major  50x40cm  Mixed Media



Asymmetries  3  40x20cm Acrylics


Radio Asymmetry 80x80cm Mixed media


Chang 50x50cm Mixed Media


Chang 50x50cm Mixed Media



Fantasy #1 40x30cm  Mixed Media



Fantasy #2 40x30cm  Mixed Media



Nessa on 514  70x50cm  Mixed Media



Plymsol Code  100x60cm  Oil Acrylics



Plymsol Code  100x60cm  Oil Acrylics



Odimos  80x60cm  Mixed Media


Ruins  80x60cm  Oil Acrylics


Code Rocks  70x50cm  Oil Spray


System  120x100cm  Oil


C4Cheese  50x70cm  Oil