abstract tributes to His Majesty Rama IX

Abstract Asymmetries In Black Major

Project 189 is proud to present #CODEFC ‘s first solo show in Bangkok

The show is a  new collection created during his one month residency .

Executed using Acrylics and Ink, the collection represents asymmetrical emotional landscapes set in a space defined by the canvas. It s often claimed that symmetry and beauty are strictly linked, particularly by mathematicians and scientists. However, philosophers and art historians seem generally to agree that although symmetry is indeed attractive, there is also a more dynamic, less predictable beauty associated with asymmetry. Psychological and aesthetic properties of asymmetry include chaos, life, play, freedom, surprise, flux, complexity, accident and motion. These properties are fused together with the rigidness and strength that come from straight lines.

This mix of freedom and rigidity, is in a way, typical of the parental figure and in particular the father figure, who had a major influence on the artist s work and whose disappearance was deeply felt.

Equally felt was the disappearance of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej to his people and the reason for this show. To pay tribute to King Rama IX, considered the father of the nation and to everyone s father.


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